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How to Get New and Repeat Customers, On Demand



We’re amazed with how many restaurants operate without a documented marketing plan for getting new customers through the door each month and don’t have any kind of in-house customer communication system to encourage repeat visits. Some have gone as far as collecting emails, but they aren’t using this asset properly.

  1. 1
    No system to collect guest information like email, mobile phone, birthday and anniversary.
  2. 2
    No system to contact existing customers to invite them back to your business.
  3. 3
    No system to create a community of brand advocates who market for you.
  4. 4
    No marketing strategy to proactively grow their customer base.
  5. 5
    No way to measure the results of their marketing efforts.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Those empty tables are costing you money! People need to eat every day. What if their favorite restaurant sent emails and text messages informing them of daily specials, new menu items and other messages on a regular basis? You can now send messages to inform your audiences about the information that they really want to know about!

Timing is essential, you must send messages when people are thinking about food. The goal is to secure that starving crowd before they leave the office at lunchtime or after work so your restaurant becomes the best option.

Be top-of-mind with your clientele by reminding them of your specialties. Is it your Sunday brunch? Maybe it’s your signature dish or today’s lunch special. Whatever it is, send your customers a text message or email enticing them to visit. These are great ways to promote your restaurant that isn’t just mobile coupons. Build a relationship with your loyal customer base with Email and SMS marketing services for restaurants.

Restaurants need to cultivate a regular base of repeat customers. They bring in revenue without the cost of acquisition. Not only does this lower your cost per visit, but “regulars” often deliver free, effective advertisement by word-of-mouth.

This is easier said than done, however. You may offer delicious food and a pleasant ambiance, but memories of good meals fade and there are plenty of other restaurants in town. Many restaurants cross their fingers and hope diners will come back on their own, but now you’ve found a better way to boost business.

At Restaurant Growth Club, we manage your customer database using the most effective distribution channels. In addition to social media, both email and SMS text messaging have generated some of the highest returns on investment. We send strategic, personal communication with your guests, that gets them to WANT to come back to your restaurant again and again.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Email brings repeat customers to your door and makes it easy for your audience to share your message. An email newsletter differentiates you from your competition, creates a personality for you and your restaurant and a builds a relationship with your guests.

Newsletters are an effective way to get information about your restaurant into the hands of your guests, as well as keeping you top of mind. Think of all the potential revenue from guests who have forgotten about your great restaurant or have gotten in the habit of going to your competition.

Email marketing services from Restaurant Growth Club combine data-driven insights with powerful marketing automation to deliver personalized messages that build trust and relationship. Connect with both existing and potential customers with integrated email and social media campaigns, including compelling offers and contests that build and reward loyalty.

We execute multi-step drip campaigns designed to re-engage, nurture, and win back guests, by providing engaging messaging that will keep your brand in the subscribers mind. We’ll help your restaurant establish trust and build relationships to drive new and repeat traffic through your doors.

Our Email Marketing Service Includes: 

  1. 1
    Email Acquisition – We implement proven strategies to grow your mailing list.
  2. 2
    Beautifully Designed Newsletter – We create a custom designed email newsletter that reflects your brand. (Additional fee per newsletter)
  3. 3
    Copy Creation – We develop content for your email campaigns specific to that particular campaign goal. This includes creation of engaging, promotional campaigns as well as behaviorally-triggered messages.
  4. 4
    Email Scheduling and Tracking – We set-up and schedule emails, as well as collect data from each mailing including opens, click-through rates, and bounces.
  5. 5
    Drive Repeat Business – We send loyalty messages for those important guest touch-points:

  • Welcome
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Thank You
  • We Miss You
  • Holidays
  • Special Events
  • Back-to-School
  • Game Day
  • Reward Loyalty
*We’ll send up to 4 newsletter/promotions per month. Includes 5,000 subscribers.

Mobile Marketing with SMS & MMS Text Messages

Filling empty tables can be easy with mobile marketing! Send MMS messages with a picture of your lunch special. Promote special dishes within seconds or reward your regulars with mobile vouchers and loyalty points. Did you know that all age groups, from Millennials to Baby Boomers, respond to text messages from restaurants? It’s true! SMS Marketing is a great way to increase sales and market your restaurant.

Have a surplus of lettuce? Send a special out that the first 20 people to show this text get’s a free salad with entree! You can also increase business during off peak hours by with messages like “plenty of open tables,” “better attention from staff” or “less background noise for your group.” A text can remind them about certain food or drink specials during this time too, or include a coupon during off times.

Giving “VIP’s” a sneak peek of your newest deals will only encourage them to support you even more. As your loyal guests come to eat at your restaurant over and over again, you can text them exclusive offers, free specials, or priority seating. You can even use this list to send special offers on their birthday or anniversary.

When used correctly, you can bring new and repeat customers every month on demand. With an SMS marketing solution you can acquire new guests, grow loyalty and leverage the immediacy of text messages to drive foot traffic and sales. We’ll show you how to build a huge list of loyal followers and then how to gently market to them.

Text Message Marketing is especially useful for:

  • Promoting new menu items holidays and events
  • Increasing traffic on slow days
  • Announcing upcoming specials
  • Showing images of your specials (MMS)
  • Sending alerts about changes in open hours, such as weather related problems

*Includes Up To 1,000 Text Messages Sent Per Month. Additional text messages .04 each.

Get Your Own Customer Retention And Communication System

Restaurant Growth Club's Customer Communication System will help you increase sales, generate a consistent flow of new guests, increase brand lift & customer sentiment, and improve overall guest frequency with strategic communication messages. Efficiently reach an on-the-go customer at their “point of hunger.”

We keep your customers coming back by using permission based email and SMS to stay in touch and build stronger customer relationships. We create and send effective messages to your loyal and VIP customers. We’ll let your customers know about upcoming events, offer specials and find out their thoughts with online surveys.

We will help you to turn New Customers into Regulars and Regulars into Raving Fans!

Quantifiable Effective Advertising

The issue with MOST digital marketing campaigns is that you don’t know how many have been redeemed or for how much and some offers can be used more than once by the same guest. We use trackable offers with “Dynamic Expiration Dates” that can only be redeemed one time per person.

We see who redeems the offers and how much they spent. This allows us to understand who your best and worst guests are for future marketing efforts. You’ll always know how many people your business is reaching and the effectiveness of your marketing by measuring the return-on-investment (ROI) – in real time!

Our Systems Benefits

  • More Repeat Business  – You’ll be collecting your client’s email address and vital information so you can reach out to them whenever you want.
  • Happier Customers  –  Build Better Relationships. You’ll find out more about your customers, and you will know how to make them happy.
  • Consistent Income  –  You’ll have a tool to bring people in on your slower nights, for special events, or to celebrate their birthday and anniversary.
  • Boost Brand Loyalty – By providing personalized value, offers and convenience to your best customers.
  • Tracking & Reporting – Measure the ROI of Every Campaign.

Here’s What You Get

  1. 1
    A BRANDED CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION SYSTEM to capture all customer data for future marketing.
  2. 2
    A CUSTOMER “RE-INVITE” SEQUENCE so you can make more money from your current and deal customers.
  3. 3
    BROADCAST SYSTEM to send Instant SMS and Email promotions.
  4. 4
    A LOYALTY RETENTION PROGRAM to convert new guests into regulars.
  5. 5
    BIRTHDAY & ANNIVERSARY CLUB to send automated offers via SMS & Email.
  6. 6
    PROVABLE ROI: No more guessing! We exist to make you money and we prove our results.
  7. 7
    CUSTOM BRANDED MARKETING MATERIALS: Table Tops, Poster Boards, Check Presenters & Window Cling for promoting your V.I.P club.
  8. 8
    TOTAL SYSTEM MANAGEMENT: Ongoing instant and effective specials and offers via email and text messages, attracting your best customers on slow days and nights, building your restaurant’s traffic and reinforcing your relationships with them.

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