All Your Guests Have BirthdaysThe restaurant business is like any other business, the relationships that you build with your guests are key to your long-term success.It doesn’t serve your purpose to attract people in just to become one time visitors to your restaurant. You want to see them over and over again, and to do that you’ve got to build a relationship with them. And the perfect opportunity to gain brownie points is by acknowledging their birthday.Be sure you send out an email and text message reminder to your customers on their birthday with a personal offer to celebrate their

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We’re amazed with how many restaurants operate without a documented marketing plan for getting new customers through the door each month and don’t have any kind of in-house customer communication system to encourage repeat visits. Some have gone as far as collecting emails, but they aren’t using this asset properly.1No system to collect guest information like email, mobile phone, birthday and anniversary.2No system to contact existing customers to invite them back to your business.3No system to create a community of brand advocates who market for you.4No marketing strategy to proactively grow their customer base.5No way to measure the results of their marketing

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If you’re a restaurant owner or manager looking for guidance on how you can continue to generate revenue and repeat business during the shutdown, then I'll outline strategies you can implement right now so you can increase sales. YOU MUST PIVOT: It comes as no surprise you’ve been forced to pivot in the manner you do business during this time of uncertainty. The biggest challenge restaurants are facing is how they will adapt to a ‘new way of selling’. The concern is how customers will buy from you, as you can no longer generate in-store foot traffic.Restaurants are rushing to social media,

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